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                         Natural Gourmet Breads
Manna From Heaven
(Rosedale Diet Bread)
Smart Carb No 1 
Cinnamon Almond Raisin
(Smart Carb 2)
Purity Bread (Gluten Free)
Other Breads
                   The delightful flavors of these breads are indescribable.
All Sprouted – "Modern" Wheat Free, Yeast Free - Sweet Free, Smart Carbs - Very High Fiber, High Protein. This is our very biggest seller! Mainly because Dr. Rosedale exclusively recommends it in his diet book for heart, diabetes and weight release. It has a sourdough flavor and is extremely high in fiber and chewy. This is a one of a kind bread, as no one to our knowledge has ever made an all sprouted cultured wheat-free, yeast and sweet free bread before. - 1 lb., Unsliced Round
Sprouted, High-Protein Bread - Unsweetened & Flavorful. This is our most popular loaf bread, chuck full of so much fiber and protein that it nets at only 1 carb. Best of all, it tastes so incredible that people fill their freezers with lots of them so they won't run out. This bread is totally unsweetened and is fabulous for diabetics, all weight release plans, and healthy heart plans. - 1 1/2 lb., Sliced Loaf (Net 1 Carb)
Cinnamon Almond Raisin (Smart Carb 2)
Smart Carb #2 – Lots of Almonds - Sweet Free, Very High Fiber & Protein. This has all the same ingredients as the Smart Carb #1, with the addition of cinnamon, lite amount of raisins and almonds. This makes a very yummy treat that nets 3 carbs.
1 1/2 lb., Sliced Loaf 
Purity Bread Ingredients:
Fresh Ground Whole Grains of *Buckwheat, *Millet, *Brown Rice, * Teff, Fresh Ground Flaxseed, (Sprouted 13 Whole Bean Mix of Navy, Black, Red, Pinto, Baby Limas, Large Limas, Garbonzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Blackeyed, Yellow & Green Split Peas & lentils), Onion, Guar Gum & Sea Salt. (1 lb Unsliced Round Bread)
*Organically Grown
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